Mr. Moderate Revealed

So the craziest thing… I recently ran into an old friend from BC raiding days, Quagmire the hunter.  He had quite the jaw-dropping news to share…

Mr. Moderate.  The raidleader of that old guild, the first one I ever raided with.  The guy I looked up to as so mature and even-tempered, I’d even blogged about him a few times.  So it turns out he’s in jail… for child pornography/attempting to have sex with an 11-yr-old girl he met on the internet (but thank God it was an undercover cop).  News article here.

Unbelievable!  I was really shocked.  I’d raided with this guy for almost a year.  Enchanted his fucking gear.  Disgusting…

It’s kind of made a real impression on me.  I mean there are predators everywhere & I suppose it could just as well happen in your neighborhood.  But it feels that much more shocking that, you know, I played daily with this guy, thought really well of him, laughed at his jokes.  Now I’m all IT COULD BE ANYONE!  Who can you trust if you can’t trust someone like Mr. Moderate of all people?!

2 Responses to “Mr. Moderate Revealed”

  1. Gah! Ouch… I remember you talking about that guy. I made the mistake of making some of my WoW buddies facebook friends… Some of them look clinically ill… Good times!

  2. Er… Clinically insane I meant.

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